About Us

Fitness At Home is a program that has on-demand video courses about living a healthy lifestyle and yoga classes to suit everyone of all ages from the comfort of your own home.

Our Mission

We aim to be an easily accessible platform to for all your fitness needs from the comfort of your home.

Our Vision

To encourage everyone to live a better lifestyle and stay healthy whether it be physical, mental or spritual.

Your Health is our Priority

Meet The Instructors

Here are some of the wonderful instructors behind Fitness At Home.

Jamie Garner

Garner has been learning yoga for over 12 years and has been teaching for 8 years. As she learned to make the connection with body and mind the shift happened. She realized yoga is not about imposing a form on yourself, rather it is about discovering yourself through a form. .

Annie Gilbert

Besides teaching prenatal yoga, Gilbert teaches Pilates as well. With 6 years of teaching experience , Gilbert aims to help people connect with their own mental and spiritual state of mind. Not only that, pilates helps to strengthen and tone one's body without even going to the gym.

Tammy Nyugen

Tammy has been teaching yoga for 5 years and is currently giving yoga lessons to both adults and children. Her approach to teaching yoga involves different philosophies, where the focus is on alignment of the body, breath and mind while encouraging core strength in a vinyasa practice.