Workout to Get Boulder Shoulders

One of the main parts of a good physic is large rounded shoulders. This will help you to look wider and increase the appearance of your v taper. Though getting boulder shoulders is not my current goal. At one point it was and I wish I had implemented this workout at that time knowing what I know now. Based on this knowledge of muscular growth I’ve put together a workout bellow that will help you to get rounder and larger shoulders.

Boulder Shoulder Workout

Warm Up 3 sets of 10 shoulder rotations (1 minute rest in between sets)

Extra resources 3 sets of 10 complete dumbbell raises(1 minute in between sets)

Shoulder Workout

Seated Overhead Press Dumbbell or Barbell 5 sets of 5 reps (3 minutes rest in between sets)

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises 3 sets of 10 reps ( 1 minute 30 seconds rest between sets)

Dumbbell Front Raises 3 sets of 10 reps ( 1 minute 30 seconds rest between sets)

Rear Delt Dumbbell Flys 4 sets of 8 rep  (1 minute 30 seconds between sets)

3 multi sets(exercises are done back to back until the last exercise) of 8 reps Alternating in Front of the Head and Behind the head Barbell Overhead Presses, 10 reps of Cable Side Delt Raises, 10 reps of Cable Rear Delt Flys, 30 seconds static Frontal Plate Hold( Rest 2 minutes between each multi set)

Perform this workout 1 to 2 times a week for best results. Just a for warning this workout will be tough. Even though it will be hard make sure you keep good form and a tempo that in which you can control the weight. Personally I like to keep a tempo of 1 to 2 seconds on the concentric portion of the exercises and 3 seconds on the eccentric portion. For more information on how to perform these exercises and why I choose them keep reading.

Reason For Chosen Exercises

Seated Overhead Press– The reason I choose the Seated Overhead Press is that it is a great exercise for putting mass on your shoulder. This exercise is meant to increase your strength and intern muscle mass. The Dumbbell version you will probably be able to lift less weight but it will shape your shoulders better. As with the Barbell version you will most likely be able to lift more weight resulting more muscle mass. When you are doing the Seated Overhead Press you are mainly working your Frontal and Side portion of your shoulders.

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises– This exercise is in my shoulder workout because Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises are a great way to really make your shoulders wider. This is because this exercise targets as the exercise implies the side or outer most part of your shoulder.

Dumbbell Front Raises– The Dumbbell Front raise is a good way to exercise the front portion of your shoulder muscle. By doing this exercise you will start to see some separation from your shoulders and your chest. This will give your Delts that widening effect.

Rear Delt Dumbbell Flys– This exercise will workout rear portion of your shoulders(the portion closes to your back). Rear Delt Dumbell Flys should help to make your shoulders look thicker from the side view.

Multi Set Portion– My reasoning for includeing the Multi Set Workout is so that you totally exhaust your Shoulder Muscle at multiple angles. This will give your shoulder a more rounded look. The Multi Set Portion has exercises within it that target every portion of the shoulder.

The Alternating in Front Of the Head Behind the head Barbell press will help to get multi set started by pumping a lot of blood into your shoulders and not letting you rest in between reps. This will keep constant tension on your shoulders throughout which will help to isolate them.

Next you will be performing Side Cable Raises to work the side of your Delts after you have already gotten a pump from the previous exercise. The Side Cable Raise will give your side shoulders even more of pump because of the way in which the weights on the cable machine put tension on your shoulders.

Then you will follow that up with Cable Rear Delt Flys. This exercise will Isolate again the back portion of your shoulders. At this point your shoulders will be close to completely exhausted and burning. This exhaustion and burn will help you to concentrate on the pain in your shoulders and isolate them even more.

Finally you’ll perform Front Static Plate Holds. This movement will make it so you completely exhaust your Delts at the end of this huge set. By doing this you will be breaking down more muscle fibers. Which will lead to a higher degree of muscle growth.

Shoulder Exercise Rep Ranges and Rest Periods

For the the Seated Overhead Press I made the rep range 5 reps. A rep range of 5 reps keeps your muscles under tension long just long enough to support muscular mass gain. It also is a low enough rep range to increase your strength.

I use a higher rest period of 3 minutes for this lower rep range so that you can fully recover in between sets. Which will allow you to put forth maximum force on every set.

The next few exercises have a rep range of 8 to 10 reps. This rep range is good for building muscle because you will be getting more blood to the muscle at these higher rep ranges. This is a good indicator that you are breaking down the muscular fibers in your shoulders.

The rest period for these exercises is 1 minute and 30 seconds. This will make it so you are partially fatigued and increasing your muscular pump through out the your sets. But at the same time still getting some rest to put forth close to maximum effort.

For the Multi Set the Exercises are in that same pump rep range of 8 to 10 reps. But there is no rest time between exercises. The reason for this is that by having no rest between exercises you will get the biggest pump on this portion of the workout. Which is why it is last. If you are completely exhausting your muscles at the beginning of the workout you will lose strength in the other exercises in the workout. But since you are getting a very large pump it will ensure you are breaking down most of your shoulder muscle fibers. The absence of rest time will also help some to burn more calories. This may result in you getting somewhat leaner. Though I still recommend you include Cardio in your workout.

Form For Shoulder Exercises

Seated Overhead Press– In a seated up right position Grip the Barbell or Dumbbells very tight.

Then if you are using Dumbbells kick one leg up at a time so that you get the Dumbbells into pressing position. Once in this position make sure your chest is up and scapula is retracted. From this position press the Dumbbells above your head keeping your elbows ever so slightly tucked in. When you are at the final position of this exercise the Dumbbells should be aligned with the back of your head.

If you are using a Barbell grip the bar just outside of shoulder width apart and unrack the bar. Keeping your lats tight and chest up lower the bar just in front of your head slightly tucking in your elbows. Then press the weight over your head slightly flaring your elbows in a fluent motion. When the movement is over the bar should be over the back of your head.

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises– Start with holding 2 Dumbbells at your side. Your palms should be facing your body. Then with your scapula slightly retracted raise your arms to your side. You should lead with your hand should not be above your elbow on the vertical plane ever through out this exercise. To make it so your hands are not above your elbows think about raising the weight by pushing up through your elbows. Also slightly turn the weight inward as you raise the Dumbbells as if you were pouring a pitcher. A the final position in this lift the weights should only come up as high as your lower chest. Then when lowering the weight do not let it touch your body at the end of the rep. Repeat this process for multiple reps.

Dumbbell Front Raises– Start with 2 Dumbbells at your side. Keep your chest up and scapula retracted. Raise the Dumbbells in front of yourself while turning your palms downward. At the final position of this exercise your arms should be parallel to the floor. Then when letting the weight down, like with the Dumbbell side raise do not let the weight fully down/touch your body.

Rear Delt Dumbbell Flys– Holding 2 Dumbbells at rest in front of you bend down as if you were to do a Barbell Row. Keeping your chest up and lats tight raise the Dumbbells as if you were doing the eccentric portion of a Dumbbell Chest Fly. Don’t let the Dumbbells touch at the bottom of the movement when doing multiple repetitions.

Alternating in Front of the Head and Behind the head Barbell Overhead Presses- Performing this exercise is pretty close to performing the seated overhead press. The only differences are that instead of being seated you want to be standing. Make sure your core is tight while doing this exercise. Also when you press the bar do not fully lock out the press instead do a rep 3/4’s of the way up and lower the bar down behind your head. Then press from behind your head 3/4’s of the weigh up and lower the bar in front of your head. Repeat this for multiple repetitions.

Cable Side Lateral Raises– This exercise is very similar to the Dumbbell side Lateral raise. The only difference however is you are only using one arm at a time. To perform this exercise set the cable machine on the lowest level. Then with one arm braced against the Cable Machine and the other in front of your body griping the handle implement do the raise as if you were doing it with Dumbbells.

Cable Rear Delt Flys– Before you start the exercise make sure you set the Cable Machine at the highest setting. The facing the machine grab the handle implements. You should grab the left implement with your right hand and the right implement with your right hand. Then take 1 or 2 steps back. Pull your elbows apart as like the Rear Delt Dumbbell fly. When lowering the weight down you should repeat repetitions once your hands are about 2-3 inches apart.

Front Static Plate Holds– This exercise is very similar to the Frontal Dumbbell Raises. The difference is you are going to do this exercise holding an Olympic Plate in both hands. Also instead of doing multiple reps you are holding the weight in front of yourself with your arms parallel to the ground for the prescribed time

Focus on Your Shoulder Contraction

This is something that is commonly overlooked. When you are doing these exercises you should be focusing on the muscle contraction in your shoulders. Focus on feeling the portion of the shoulder you are trying to engage. Also on the eccentric portion of the exercise focus on really opening yourself up and stretching.

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