Increasing Your Grip Strength For Your Deadlift

The Deadlift is one of the lifts in which most people can lift a lot of weights compared to there other lifts. So I understand why sometimes your grip may be giving out before you can actually reach a maximum effort.You feel like you can do more weight but your grip won’t let you. So below I have put together some helpful workouts to help you increase your grip strength for the Deadlift. One that requires some equipment and the other going under the assumption that you only have a Barbell, weights and either a pull up bar or a sturdy tree branch. Do these workouts 1 to 2 times a week.

Workout to Increase Grip Strength for The Deadlift Equipment Required

can you buy nolvadex in canada Farmers Carry- 4 sets of 30 seconds to 1 minute of a weight in which you can stay within the 30 to 1 minute time frame. Rest between sets as needed.

he said Barbell Shrugs – 4 sets 10 reps rest 2 minutes between sets.

Rack Pulls Above the Knee- 3 sets 10 reps rest 2 minutes between sets.

Dead Hangs- 1 minute for 3 sets, use weight if needed, rest as much as needed.

Dumbbell Holds- 3 sets with a weight in which you can get 30 seconds each set, rest 2 minutes between sets.

Hand Gripper- Use periodically throughout the day when you have free time try to shoot for 3 15 minute sessions.

Farther down the page under the Workout Form Section I’ve created links for the equipment you will need for the exercises that require it. If you decide to do this workout. Just click the images for further pricing details. Also I have not included a Barbell and weights because I’m assuming since you are Deadlifting you already have access to that equipment. But if not here’s a link to my product page

Grip Strength Workout Only Barbell and Weights Required

Barbell Shrugs – 5 sets 8 reps rest 2 minutes between sets.

45 Pound Weight Walks- 3 sets close to failure.

Dead Hangs- 3 sets until failure on a sturdy tree branch, rest as much as needed.

Hand Towel Barbell Holds 3 sets for 45 seconds each. rest 3 minutes between sets.

Deadlifts Double Over Hand- 3 sets for 10 reps, rest 1 minute 30 seconds between sets.

Fitting the Workout Into Your Exercise Program

If necessary Incorporate these workouts into your back routine to save some time. By this I mean I have designed this workout so that you can replace some of the exercises you may be doing on your back day/ Deadlift day with some of the exercises above. But if you have the time I recommend doing this workout on it’s own.

How to Perform Each Exercise

Farmers Carry- To perform a farmers carry you can either use Dumbbells or a Trap Deadlift Bar. First you Deadlift the weight up to the starting position in both cases with the Dumbbell and with the Trap Bar your arms will be at your sides with palms facing your body. Then once you lift the weight, fast walk while holding the weight until the recommended time of 30 seconds to 1 minute is up. Use a weight in which somewhere in that time frame is difficult.

Barbell Shrug- This Exercise is optimal if you have a Squat Rack. That is because you may be able to Barbell Shrug more weight than you can Deadlift. But if you don’t have a Squat Rack just initiate the exercise by Deadlifting the weight into the starting position. So if you have a Squat Rack put a regular Olympic Bar on the safety bars. The safety bars should be set above your knees but you should still have room to shrug the bar without hitting the safety bars. To perform this lift. lift the bar into the final position of a Deadlift. Once you are in this position keep your scapula slightly retracted and chest up. Then with your arms straight raise your shoulders toward your ears.

Rack Pulls Above The Knees- For this exercise however you are going to need a Squat Rack with adjustable safety bars. Set the safety bar so that the Barbell sits just above your knees when placed on the rack. To start the lift you want to act is if you are going to Deadlift the bar. By this I mean keep your back in a neutral position and as you raise your chest thrust your hips under yourself. Then once you are at the top of the Rack Pull lower the weight at a pace of about 2 to 3 seconds. This will insure you are not bouncing the weight of the rack. Then repeat the motion.

Dead Hangs- To perform Dead hangs you are going to need a pull up bar or a sturdy branch that can support your body weight. For a Dead hang grip the pull up bar or Branch as if you are going to do a pull up. Then pick your feet of the ground so that you are holding all of your weight by your arms. Do this for the amount of time I suggested

Dumbbell Holds- For Dumbbell Holds you will need non adjustable Dumbbells. When starting this exercise bend down and firmly grasp the outer end of each Dumbbell in each hand. Then lift the Dumbbells and let them hang to your side until the time I recommended is up.

Hand Gripers- Use 1 hand to grip the Hand Griper. It is important you do not use your free hand to perform this exercise.Then squeeze the Hand Griper until both metal handles touch. Do this periodically in your spare time.

Deadlifts Double Overhand Grip- To perform this exercise Deadlift the weight as if you were to do a normal Deadlift. The only exception being that you do not rest the weight on the ground between reps.

45 Pound Plate Walks- Start by setting 2 45 pound plates on there rims. Then lift a plate in each hand without closing your grip. Depending on the plates you are using this may be more or less difficult. If it is too difficult to use 45 pound plates use 25 pound plates or 10 pound plats.

Hand Towel Barbell Holds- For this exercise you will need to use your household hand towels or 2 bathing towels. To perform this exercise place the bar in front of your legs with your given weight on the bar. Then fold both hand towels in half or a 4th. If they are regular towels you may want to go with a half. Then wrap both of your towels around the bar where your hands will be. You may need to tape them to keep them in place. Finally grab the hand towels with a double overhand grip and Deadlift the bar. Once in the final position of the Deadlift hold the bar for the amount of time given.

Why I Recommend These Exercises

The exercises I have choosen have a good carry over to grip strength for the Deadlift because most of them mimic the grip you must hold in a Deadlift. For Deadlift Grip Strength you need to be good at static grip hold. This is what most of these exercises. Like the Farmers Carry, Dead Hang, Barbell Shrug, and Above the Knee Rack Pull.

The only exercise that I included that is not a static hold is the Hand Gripper. But I have made the Hand Griper part of the workout because it will help to increase the strength of your grip and your forearm muscle. It is also a pretty convenient exercise that can be done anywhere.

In addition I have specifically chosen these exercises knowing that on most of them your grip will fail from fatigue before anything else.

For some exercise I have also made it so you will have to grab onto a larger surface than just your normal Barbell. These exercises include The Dumbbell Hangs and Hand Towel Barbell Holds. With the Hand Towel Barbell Holds I have you wrap a hand towel around the Barbell so that the surface in which you are gripping is significantly increased. Which makes you have to grip the bar harder to hold the weight. This is the same concept for the Dumbbell Hangs you are gripping the Dumbbell by its widest possible portion making it hard to hold onto. Thus increasing your grip strength.

Also I have incorporated Exercises that mimic certain portions of the Deadlift. This is so you get stronger specifically at holding a Barbell in Deadlifting positions. I made most of the exercises high reps or for a longer period of holding time to fatigue your grip. These exercises include the Double Overhand Deadlift, Barbell Shrugs, Rack Pulls Above the Knee, and Hand Towel Barbell Holds. This is so that you are holding the heavyweight for longer. Holding heavy weights for longer times will tax your grip more.

Since holding heavy weight for longer periods of time is optimal for increaseing grip strength I did include regular Double Overhand Deadlifts for reps for the Budgeted workout. Doing a Double Overhand Deadlift instead of a over underhand deadlift will make it so you have to rely on your grip more to lift the weight.

Instantly Increase Your Deadlift Grip

Here are a few things that you may not be doing right now that could increase your Dead lift grip instantaneously. One of the things that will imidiatly increase your Deadlift grip strength is Weightlifters Chalk. Chalk will dry out your hands and make it so your grip doesn’t give out as easy on the Deadlift. Another method is gripping the Deadlift bar with a overhand underhand grip. This means one of your hands should be pronated(palms facing toward you) and the other should be supinated(palms facing away). This will make it so the Barbell doesn’t have a tendancy to roll toward the front of your hand as within the double overhand grip.

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