How to Get a Bigger Chest

Now this is my question, I used to be obsessed with getting a massive chest when I was younger. Through out my journey I have discovered some great information on achieving this goal. So here’s some helpful pieces of advice to get you on the right track.

Focus on the Stretch and Contraction of Your Chest

When doing workouts to build up your chest muscle you should really focus on stretching your chest muscle on the eccentric portion of the exercise and contracting the muscle hard on the concentric portion of the exercise. Breathe in on the eccentric portion and out on the concentric portion.

Exercises to Increase and Shape Your Chest

Some great exercises for increased chest muscle is the Dumbbell and Cable fly. These exercise I find really give you a great chest contraction and stretch. Another exercise to help increase the chest muscle is the bench press. But to build your chest muscle I would not recommend doing the full range of motion. To specifically build your chest on the bench I would touch the bar to your chest and only press it about 1 foot. This will keep the tension in your chest the whole time. Also while doing these exercises sometimes you can do pauses at the peak of your muscle contraction to pump even more blood into the muscle. The Incline Dumbbell press is another great press that I recommend for key upper chest development. Here’s some dumbbells and a bench set that I recommend for building a complete chest click the pictures bellow for more details on them

Stay Consistent and Use Progressive Overload

It’s no secret that a stronger chest is usually a bigger chest. So if your weights or volume isn’t increasing month after month your chest may remain the same as it is. So make sure that your gradually upping the weight. Also stay consistent pick or create a workout program that you can stick to it. In addition I know you specifically came for advice on increasing your chest size but you will again hit a platue with this unless you increase the size and strength of other muscles in your body as well. So just keep that in mind.

Volume is Key

For building muscle in any muscle group you should be doing workouts that rely on high volume training. So try to increase the amount of sets in your workout and days you workout your chest. Just be careful with this piece of advice and implement it wisely because you can reach a point were you are doing to much and could be over training.

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