Getting Ripped at Home on a Budget

Getting really ripped is no easy task especially on a budget. The key to getting ripped however is in your cardio regiment and your diet. When getting lean I would recommend downloading an app on your smart phone that tracks your macro nutrition. These apps are often free and have settings for you to put in your fitness goals. This will keep your diet in check and put you on the right track to getting ripped. If you eat quality foods instead of processed foods that are bad for your body it will also greatly enhance your progress. Meaning foods that are good for your body. Sure you may be able to follow the calorie and macro plan by eating foods like Twinkies and Ho Hos. Maybe you will be able to figure out a way to fill out your macro nutrients with junk food. But this is definitely not a good way to go these foods will most likely leave you tired and fatigued. If you are tired and fatigued your performance in your cardio regime will falter. Which means you will burn less calories in your workout. So stick to eating healthy for better results.

What Cardio Regimen is Best for You?

Another key point to getting really shredded at home is your cardio regime. You can go 2 ways with your cardio you can either do HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) or you can do long lasting cardio. Both of these Cardio methods burn fat but each do it in a different way.

Regular Cardio and It’s Benefits

Long lasting cardio includes activitys. like running, biking or any other cardio activity that last approximately 20 minutes. Long lasting Cardio will usually burn more calories during the workout than HIIT cardio. It will also be less tramatic on your nervous system. This means you can do regular cardio more fequently.

What HIIT Cardio Is All About

HIIT cardio is doing a exercise at a higher intinsity like sprinting, Tire flips or Burpees for a period of time at which you can put forth maximum effort. Then you rest for a certain period of time inbetween. HIIT cardio will burn more calories after your workout than regular cardio. This is because HIIT cardio increases your metabolism after a workout more than regular cardio. Also HIIT cardio builds more muscle than regular cardio. In addition in a test done by Christopher G.R. Perry,a George J.F. Heigenhauser,b Arend Bonen, and aLawrence L. Spriet. Revealed that after the HIIT workouts the participants power output increased by 21 percent and that there body’s ability to use oxygen more efficiently increased by 9 percent. So this means that not only will you be getting shredded you will also be getting stronger. The study can be found bellow


Final Conclusion on getting Shredded

Both have there positives and negatives. Personally I would find a HIIT cardio workout since most of the time they are shorter. In addition since HIIT cardio workouts help to build more muscle than regular cardio you will look more shredded. As opposed to regular cardio where you may just get really skinny. Here’s some helpful videos on what HIIT cardio is about and a HIIT cardio workout that requires no equipment to get you started. Though eventually you may have to purchase some sort of cheap equipment to incorporate in your workout once the workout bellow starts getting relatively easy.

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