Benefits to Working Out at Home

You Could Be Saving a Lot of Money

Gym memberships vary from area to area. But will generally cost 20 dollars a month on the low end and 80 dollars a month on the high end. This means you could be spending anywhere from 240-960 dollars a year on a gym membership.

Another expense that is commonly over looked is your vehicle depreciation and gas cost. Lets assume that Joe Shmoe owns a car that gets 35 miles per gallon and has an annual depreciation of 9 cents per mile driven. Now currently at the time of writing this article gas prices in my area are 2.46 dollars per gallon lets say this is the same for Joe. This means Joe spends 7 cents per mile on gas. Now lets say that he lives about 4 miles away from his nearest gym. this means everytime he goes to the gym and back he loses “8 miles*16 cents/mile=1.28 dollars”. So if Joe goes to the gym 5 days a week he loses 6.40 dollars every week and 332.8 dollars a year. Now these numbers might not be exactly the same as your own but I highly encourage you to plug in your own numbers and see just how much money you spend using your vehicle to go to the gym.

In addition you lose the time traveling to go to the gym which could have been spent on any other number of things. Sure you may say in the previous example the gym was 4 miles away and maybe to make things easy the speed limit is 60 miles per hour the whole way. In which case you would only be losing 8 minutes of your day. But that’s 40 minutes a week if you work out 5 times a week. I know not many people like to spend there free time working but for sake of monetarily incorporating this cost I will say Joe Shmoe would use this extra time to work. I’m currently writing this in 2019 so I am sure given inflation this number has risen. But in 2017 according to The Bureau of Labor and Statistics the median income of an individual was approximately 865 dollars per week. So I’ll say Joe Shmoe makes that much. Another assumption I’ll make is that Joe works 40 hours a week and makes 21.63 dollars an hour. Since it takes Joe 40 minutes to go to the gym each week he loses another 14.42 dollars a week in wages he could have used to work instead of sitting in a car waiting to go to the gym. That’s like 749.84 bucks a year!

Now to put all these expenses to gather in the Joe Shmoe example lets say his gym membership is 40 bucks a month and 480 dollars a year. Well the real cost of Joe going to the gym then is “332.8+749.84+480=1,562.64 dollars”. Now consider that Joe will be working out for 5 years in the future and that the equipment he purchases he takes care of well and will not break down in this time period(I believe this to be probable for most fitness equipment you will buy). Also I’m gonna only use some of the at home equipment that I recommend on my site here’s the link if you wanna check some of it out So Joe buys the barbell with like 185 pounds included of weights included, he gets safety clamps, then purchases the cable machine with the pull up bar, he buys the adjustable bench and the squat rack to put it in and finally he gets the treadmill I recommend. This is more than enough equipment for I feel like to accomplish practically an fitness goal. Well the total bill comes out to be “443+10.95+2,084.49+270.60+139+600=3,548.04 dollars”. Now Joe practically has a complete home gym. On a side note keep in mind that I do believe this to be on the high end of the amount of equipment you should purchase all at once and that many people don’t have 3,548 dollars to float. But for the sake of this example Joe wants all this equipment and he saved some money to get it. Well according to our example Joe’s real savings over 5 years comes out to be “(1,562.64*5)-3,548.04= 4265.16 dollars”or 853.032 a year. But like I said before try and make this calculation more personal by using your own expenses and equipment you need to workout at home. I bet you’ll find that you could be saving a lot of money.

You Can Wear What You Want

When you workout at home you can literally where whatever you want it’s your house. If you want to workout in your underwear you can do it. If you would like to work out in your pajamas that is also a possibility. This may seem kind of gross but you also don’t have to feel obligated to wear deodorant or take a shower like you would before going to the gym.

No Onlookers

If you choose to work out at home you will be in the clear of people judging how much weight you are using. This will benefit you because you won’t be “Ego lifting” to look tough. Instead you can keep proper form. In addition for the girls out there and maybe even some men you won’t have that guy/girl eyeing you up while you work out. Also if your a guy who likes to really get aggressive with it you can make all the noise you want and drop the weights without being kicked out. Though I do not condone damaging your house/apartment or your fitness equipment you can do whatever you want.

No Occupied Equipment

Sometimes when you go to a gym there will be someone using the equipment you want to use and you’ll have to do something else or just wait. This is especially frustrating when someone is doing curls in the squat rack or when you see someone with a whole smorgasbord of equipment in use. Instead at home the equipment will all be yours and you can use it when you want.

There’s No Form Police

Now before I talk about this I want be very clear I am not recommending that you don’t use proper form at home. Good form is one of the most important components to fitness. But sometimes when you go to a gym there will be a person there who is a dedicated disciple of “Bro Science” and they can’t resist putting in their 2 cents on how you should be doing an exercise.

More Focus

From time to time when you go to the gym you will meet someone or have a friend there that just wants to talk. This intern will hinder your workout and drag it on for an extended period of time. Next thing you know you came to the gym for a 90 minute workout and it just turned into a 2 hour workout. But when you’re at home it’s just you and the equipment. You can zone in and get your workout done without getting side tracked by what Jessica’s kids are doing now days or what Johnny’s latest workout routine is and how it works.

You Don’t Have to Listen to Terrible Music

Now a solution to this problem at the gym would be buying a pair of wireless headphones and making sure they are charged. But maybe you don’t want to wear headphones during your workout. If you try doing this when going to the gym you will end up having to bear through the either really obnoxious pop, grunge or you go early enough so that there are retired folks there you’ll probably have to muster the power to workout through 1950’s music. My apologies if any of you really like any of these genres of music. My point however is that when your at home you can get a speaker or just play the music on your phone out lowd.

Negatives to Working Out at Home

I’d be lying to you if I told you that there are only benefits to working out at home. There is some traps that exist and that some people fall into for at home workouts.

Eating While Working Out

Sure your at your own home and no one will judge you if you wanna eat while working out. But eating to much while working out will make you bloated and more sluggish. Subsequently you will be weaker and wont be able to perform as well during your workout. So try to avoid it.

Not Putting in Enough Effort

When your at home since no one is watching sometimes people will take longer between sets or use lower levels on cardio machines than they should. This is a mistake though you will only prolong your workout and hinder your progress. Don’t be someone who does this it will only make your fitness goals harder to achieve.

Initial Invest to Purchase Workout Equipment

This negative isn’t really an at home fitness trap. But it is one of the downfalls that I thought I should mention for working out at home. Sometimes getting the equipment you need to achieve your fitness goals can be a touch pricey. But given the example of how much it truly cost to go to the gym I would say it is well worth saving up the money to buy at home fitness equipment. A good way to start is try saving like 12-20 dollars a week. Then withing a year you’ll have between 624 and 1040 dollars to start creating your at home gym tailored to your goals. But if this isn’t something you want to do I have also created an article on Getting Ripped at Home on a Budget I recommend you check it out.

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